Field Production Workshop Outline

First Thursday and Friday, 6:00-9:00 pm
First and Second Saturday, 11:00 am – 2:00 pm (September Thru April)

Session 1
Camera Setup

  • What is in the case? Check to make sure you have everything before you leave
  • How to setup tripod and attach camera to tripod head
  • How battery is attached and turned on
  • How to attach power supply
  • How attach and use the VariZoom remote
  • How to use flip out monitor and viewfinder
  • Understanding what various graphics in viewfinder mean
  • What type of SD Card to Purchase and how to insert an SD Card into the Camera
  • How to use the manual White Balance
  • How to manually focus using the EVF DTL and Focus Assist functions
  • How to use the manual and automatic iris and zebra function
  • How to use the various auto functions
  • Using the record buttons
  • Playing back your video using the “playback” and “rec chk” functions

Shot Setup

  • Composing shots with proper headroom and looking room
  • How to frame a shot for a one person interview
  • How to frame a two shot
  • How to do a smooth pan and/or tilt
  • Shooting cutaways for b-roll


  • How to adjust headset audio
  • How to set audio level for on-board microphone
  • How to use an external microphone
  • Setting levels for external microphones
  • Choosing the audio inputs using the channel select functions
  • Difference between a lavalier and handheld microphone
  • The difference between mic and line level
  • How to use the wireless microphones and what batteries to purchase
  • How and why to get a feed from an audio board 

Session 2 

Review of Camera and Shot Setup


  • Maximizing natural light by using proper framing ( don’t shoot with window/sun in background )
  • Using the portable lights
  • Reviewing of Paperwork

Common Questions

  • What does the word “battery” flashing mean?
  • When can I keep the camera overnight?
  • When do I need a release form?
  • How do I get a time slot?
  • Can I use the camera every week?
  • Can I get a copy of my show? (Producer receives 1 free DVD (which is the copy used to turn in the program), additional copies are $10 each)

Equipment Checkout Procedure

  • What to do when you come pick up a camera for your shoot 
  • Check to make sure all items are accounted for that independent producer requested.
  • Sign the equipment form where applicable
  • Take all equipment out the rear/side loading door with a DATV employee. 
  • Gear is returned at this same door. And set up when returned to check that it is in working order.

Next Steps

  • Fill out equipment request to reserve camera for your first shoot
  • Shoot video for your program
  • Call Dale to schedule yourself for the next AVID editing workshop
  • Have fun! And enjoy the “Freedom to Communicate