Audio Workshop Course Summary

2nd Wednesday of the Month, 6:00- 8:00pm (September thru April)

Course Description
The Audio Workshop will teach you the necessary skills to operate the Mackie audio board in the Studio Control Room during both live and taped productions. The  Audio operator’s role, under the general supervision of the Director, is to control and monitor all sound that is coming from the studio during a production. This includes all microphones for on-air talent and any supplemental sound sources such as master studio music feeds from a band’s sound board.

Specific Skills Learned

  • How to mic talent in studio for optimum sound quality.
  • Proper techniques for setting and monitoring Studio Control Room audio levels.
  • Cable dressing and wrapping procedures
  • Understanding of Technical Director’s role in integrating audio board with Tricaster
  • Program recording setup for DVD and DV Deck

Key Responsibilities

  • Performs under the general supervision of the Director of the program.
  • Identify the number of microphones and cables needed for a studio program.
  • Get all necessary equipment from Staff person in the Equipment Room.
  • Affix, adjust and dress microphones and cables to ensure optimum sound quality, level, mix an aesthetic look
  • Execute recording of program on either DVD and/or DV Deck