Director Workshop Course Summary

4th Wednesday of the Month, 6:00- 8:00 pm 
(September Thru April)

Course Description
The Director’s Workshop will prepare you to lead a Volunteer production team during the recording of a studio program.

Specific Skills Learned

  • Pacing and shot selection of a studio program
  • Proper camera placement and framing
  • How to record to computer hard drive
  • How to communicate with crew during program
  • Clear-Com and headset operation, including volume and stage announce

Key Responsibilities

  • Works with the Producer to execute all technical aspects of program.
  • Communicates with crew about what is expected of them during production.
  • Ensures all crew members are prepared to perform their duties during program.
  • Gives direction to crew members during program.
  • Tells Technical Director which cameras, graphics, video inserts, etc. are to be used.
  • Watches program and “calls camera shots” during production.