Technical Director Workshop Course Summary

3rd Wednesday of the Month, 6:00- 8:00 pm (September Thru April)

Course Description
The Technical Director operates as the first assistant to the Director. His/her role is to make sure the Tricaster Switcher is setup before and during the program to allow for Director to use the cameras, DDR, graphics and audio effectively during taping.

Specific Skills Learned

  • How to mic talent in studio for optimum sound quality.
  • Proper techniques for setting and monitoring Studio Control Room audio levels.
  • Cable dressing and wrapping procedures
  • Understanding of Technical Director’s role in integrating audio board with Tricaster
  • Program recording setup for DVD and DV Deck

Key Responsibilities

    • Serves as assistant to the Director
    • Operates Tricaster Switcher and follows the commands of the Director
    • Loads all needed graphics and audio before the show
    • Makes sure name keys are spelled correctly and is able to identify names of each guest.
    • Adjusts internal audio levels
    • Records program to hard drive