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Studio Request LIVE

***All requests should be made at least 4 weeks in advance.

***Total studio time from arrival to end should not exceed hours.


Additional Equipment


I have read the DATV Rules & Regulations and agree to abide by them. All of my crew members must be certified for their positions. I am responsible for the actions of the performers on my show, my crew and my guests. I will not conduct any activities that may endanger my crew or guests. I am responsible for acquiring all necessary copyright and performance re leases. I must use a DATV tape to record the program and the physical tape remains the property of DATV. I agree to complete my program within 30 days of taping. If the program is not finished the tapes will be erased and reused. I agree to return the studio to its original condition apon completion of my program. Failure to abide by DATV rules will result in loss of studio use privledges. I am responsible for all studio and control room equipment while I am using the studio. I will immediately replace any equipment that is lost or damaged resulting from but not limited to, misuse, mistreatment, accident, neglect or theft.